pp wall pp before showpp julioOur 95th production comes in the form of a Premature Punchline holiday show. Every year we cycle in which branch gets the “holiday” slot like “Twas the FLOP…” (Mainstage 2009), the “Rated R Christmas” shows (PrePunch 2012-13), and last year’s Textual Overture. So, the (late) 2015 show is headed up by Premature Punchline!

PP jan 5

Tonight at Café 5’s new location, we reveal our ironically first 2016 production yet-still-2015 holiday show called “Happy All-The-Days” presented by our improv troupe. You will see a spattering of games that cover more holidays than the holiday season allows, squeezing in everyone’s favorite lame holidays like Arbor Day, President’s Day, and Canadian Boxing Day.

This is a free show and will be performed at Café 5 on January 5, 2016.



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