The full-length comedy “Heart and Stole” (written by Michael Verderber and adapted to the stage by Gabriel Ruiz)  is Zero Untitled’s 39th major project.

The play follows one night with Chris, Benji, Ellen and Ronnie; four college students set out to stalk Chris’s ex-girlfriend.  Through their endeavors, they discover more than they bargained for,  more about themselves, and that Benji can be a real whiner.

The show performed on May 5, 6, and 11 at 7:00 pm in the Blue Room. Admission is $1, fundraiser for Gamerz Elite.

Original Soundtrack featuring:

Chad Wallace “Evidently”

DJ Oringe “Diesel Fuels the Wanderer”

They Call Me Jessie “Oh Yeah!”

Verderber “Fiddler’s Song”

The Whine-A-Lots “Walk Away, Let Go, Move On”

Verderber “Western Dog Days”


Cast Details:


written and directed by Michael Verderber

adapted by Gabriel Ruiz

Chris – Jacob Elizalde

Cassie – Amanda Soto

Benji – Luis Zaragosa

Ronnie – Dustin Romike

Ellen – Katy Orozco

Charlotte – Katie De Leon

TJ – Jerrod Masters

DJ Cheery Emo (voice) – Michael Verderber

Caller #1 (voice) – Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Caller #2 (voice) – Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Stage Manager – Jose Adame

Stage Hands – Nick Learned, Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Costume Design – Daniella McClary


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