Van - Ice to Meet YouAudi - Ice to meet youThe Textual Overture and Premature Punchline mashup show, “Ice To Meet You” was met warmly on Friday night, April 1st. And no, there were no April Fool jokes, but there was one Rick roll, courtesy of our own Van.

As our 98th production in our existence, the show was a blast full of comedy, music, heart breaking poetry, and the general chaos that is associated with both TO and PP performances.


Here is the set list, with more pics coming soon! A couple of videos are available exclusively on our Zero Untitled Facebook page:


Textual Overture and Premature Punchline presents: “Ice to meet you!”


  • Julio Martinez – Random puns
  • Michael Verderber – “Waiting w/Humility”, Poem
  • Prepunch – New choice
    • Open Mic: Deborah Gerd – “Were you there?”, Poem
    • Open Mic: Michael Verderber – “Boxing Year”, Poem
  • Emanuel Ibanez – “My Every Day”, Play
  • Prepunch – Party Quirks
    • Open Mic: William Walz – Untitled, Song
    • Open Mic: Beta – “Doneraile Litany”, Story
  • Julio Martinez – “Breathing In” read by Emanuel Ibanez, Poem
  • Van – “Never gonna give you up”/Rick rolled, Song
  • Prepunch – Penalty Hat round 1
    • Open Mic: Michael Verderber – “Shrew’s Embrace”, Poem
    • Open Mic: Zeta – “I love my dad, but he lies a lot”, Story
    • Open Mic: Beth – “Revolting Rhymes”, Poems
  • Emanuel Ibanez – “Prologue”, excerpt from Welcome to the Ashes, Story
  • Michael Verderber – “She’s a Thief” & “The hand that nurtured”, Poems
  • Katherine and Andrea – “Nonstop”, Song
    • Open Mic: Deborah – “Sonnet 47”, Poem
  • Prepunch – Penalty Hat round 2
  • Julio – “Peets 1, 2, 3, 4”, Poems
  • Michael Verderber – Dr. Faustus excerpt, Play
    • Open Mic: Charles Lillie – Fairy and Dead Cow tale, Story
    • Open Mic: Alexandra Hernandez – “Mess”, Poem
  • Prepunch – Penalty Hat round 3


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