PP beth ICEMANIce To Meet You Two: The Italian Iceman Cometh

Zero Untitled’s Premature Punchline improv comedy troupe performed our 103rd production at Angel’s Italian Ice and Smores on July 22, 2016. The show was lead by co-director Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo and newcoming director Robert Trujillo. The cast involved were Julio Martinez, Michael Verderber, Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo, Andrea Lorin, and Robert Trujillo.

PrePuch opened the show with a classic game of Alphabet and began the set with Freeze Tag. The cast went on to play Dating Game and a brand new skit called “Pokemon Go Reviewed by Stace”, which was performed by Lorin. The one-woman piece was a comic review of the hot new app game. Following that was a couple of rounds of “What’s My Pitch?” and they ended the show with Quoteline.  – Robert Trujillo.

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