Zero Untitled is proud to announce our next project, a collaboration with Texas A&M University – Kingsville’s club Gamerz Elite.
Our 38th production, called “Into Hell: A Trek Through Dante’s Inferno,” will be a walking tour through the 9 rings of Hell, as outlined by Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy.”  The club and company will be transforming the university hall, Sam Fore Hall, into the 9 rings of death, but with a contemporary twist.
Instead of merely watching people suffer in Hell, audience members will witness that actions that send people into Hell.
The show can best be described as a walking tour, haunted house, live art theatrical performance.  Each ring of Hell will have its own director and actors all working individually to make the entirety of Hell.
Performance was ONE DAY ONLY – February 25th.  Small group tours begin at 8:00 pm.



Conceived by Michael Verderber

Directed by Rolando Rios & Michael Verderber


Virgil: Rian Scarborough & Michael Verderber

The Followers: Aaron Martwick & Ashlee Craven



Dir. Rolando Rios

The Waiting – Eric Wineman,  Kobe Nana Adjapong, Curtis Munoz



Dir. Daniella McClary

Semiramis – Daniella McClary, April Urrea,

The Subject – Katy Orozco, Jerrod Masters



Dir. Benito Latigo & Jacob Elizarde

The Glutton – Benito Latigo



Dir. Allan Guzman

Mr. Money – Allan Guzman

See No Evil – Erica Enriquez

Speak No Evil – Marc Escalante

Hear No Evil – Florent Fotue-Tatchum

The Dead – Luiz Zaragosa



Dir. Maria Latigo & Ruben Ortiz

Chaos – Maria Latigo

Wrath – Ruben Ortiz



Dir. Jacob Elizalde

The Hereitc – Jacob Elizalde

The Hopeful Sinners – Dustin Romike, Talitha Costley



Dir. Kristen Tait

The Hopeless – Kristen Tait



Dir. Edward Haworth & Stephanie Terry

The Liar – Edward Haworth

The Naive – Stephanie Terry



Dir. Michael Verderber

The Wailing Woman – Natalie Elizondo

The Unmoving – Rolando Rios

Lucifer – Prescott Ojih



Chris Pefanis

Albert Celedon

Jose Adame


“Into Hell” recently received national attention in the Letters to the Editor section. Michael Verderber wrote a letter to the magazine about the type of Dark Tour Theatre that Zero Untitled does (AT calls it “immersive theatre”).  The following is the abbreviated version of the entire letter.

 letter in AT











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