Akin to “Into Hell: A Trek Through Dante’s Inferno,” Zero Untitled’s “Madness in Wonderland” is the interactive theatre experience to be performed on the campus of Texas A&M University – Kingsville. The current dates are: November 11 and 12 in Sam Fore Hall; meet outside.  People will be taken in in small groups and given a tour of the show.

Luis Zaragosa as The White Rabbit in the forthcoming production of “Madness in Wonderland”


Based on “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

adapted and directed by Michael Verderber

score by Jacob Elizalde

An oyster from Walrus’s room.

Scarborough as Bill the Lizard, a BTK copy-cat.



Dr. Mark Tuttle – Allan Guzman

Dr. Club – David Z. Gutierrez

Dr. Momerath -Steven Benedit

Dr. Dinah – Meghan Martinez

Jinnelle & Enriquez as Nurse and Cheshire.


Dr. Borogrove – Danny Cantu

Dr. Frabjous – Amanda Goldate

Dr. Nicorn – Erica Learned

Dr. Lyons – Nicholas Zaragosa

Dr. Club – David Gutierrez

Dr. Cannary – Isabel Ortiz

Dr. Spade – Jeanette Gonzales

Dr. Foutmun – Ricky Chapa

Zaragosa as The White Rabbit.


Rose – Laura Gerla

Lily – Amanda Perez

Violet – April Urrea

Dodo – Victoria Bowers

Lory – Alex Lara

Ducky – Nick Learned

Haigha – Maria Castillo

Knave – Jose “Gopha” Adame

Alice – Lucie Lockard

Duchess / Annabelle Leeds – Megan Saenz

Bill the Lizard / William Lazarus – Rian Scarborough

Gryphon – Michelle Honeycutt

Dr. Pillar – Brian Worrall

White Rabbit / Aiden Ross – Luis Zaragosa

Cheshire / Stephanie Katz – Erica Enriquez

Dumpty / Harold Dumpling – Zach Kawamura

Cook / Rupert Cooks – Caleb Bonitz

Nobody / Elaine Wyatt – Annalia Palacios

Venegas as The White Queen

Tweedle / Domino Valentine – Dustin Romike

Mad Hatter / Matthew Hatta – Aaron Martwick

March Hare / Clementine Dubois – Katy Orozco

Mouse / Michael Dormuss – Julio Martinez

Red Queen / Raven Locke – Amanda Soto

White Queen / Wayne Manson – Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Queen of Hearts / Ashley Ripley – Daniella McClary-Munoz

Walrus / Walter Rufus  – Jacob Elizalde

Martwick as the Hatter.


Newsboy – Lucy Maya

Searching Nurse – Isaac Pineda

Dr. E(xecutioner) – DaRon Briscoe

Jolly – Marcus Stager

Followers – Derek Moore, Michael Verderber, Rick Saenz

Crew/Gophers – Danny Valdez, Danny Samaniego, Alyssa Alaniz, David Varela

Scenic Design – David Gutierrez

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Here’s what the audience thought:

“Madness in Wonderland was intense, exciting, and one of the most f***ed up experiences that I have ever lived.” – Rene R.

“It all seemed so real.” – Raquel G.

“Arguably the most creative version of a story I have ever seen…a very creative, well thought out, deranged, psychotic, and entertaining performance.” – Chris B.

“I give it two thumbs up!” – Zeke A.

Saenz as The Duchess


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