Memento Mori audis

Zero Untitled’s next project, production #115, will be a spiritual sequel to the 2015 production “Causa Mortis”. Under the direction of Katherine Orozco-Verderber, “Memento Mori” is a collection of one act plays, interwoven with movement and poetry all underscoring the theme of the seven deadly sins.

At press, the plays have already been cast. The scripts are still in the development stages and, through the rehearsal process, will final reach fruition. The production will occur in Texas, at the Memorial Student Union Building on November 8th, 9th, and 10th. The specific room will be posted soon. Admission is $3 for the performance.

The following information was released on the Facebook page:

Congratulations to our cast of Memento Mori.

ZU friends, family, and patrons of our art, you will be seeing some of your favorite faces once more, such as Andrea Lorin, Robert Trujillo, Julio Martinez, Josue Villarreal, Michael Verderber, Stephanie Wright, and Katherine Orozco-Verderber, but you will also be seeing some of our newer faces, such as Katelyn Horner, Ashley Perez, David Earley, Ava Garza, and Vanessa Guerra.


The English Club and Zero Untitled Productions present

Memento Mori

The Seven Deadly Sins


Lucifer – Katherine Orozco-Verderber


Heartbeat (Lust)

By Michael Verderber

Milo – Josue “Zeta” Villarreal

Masked Milo – Robert Trujillo

Beth – Vanessa Guerra

Chorus – Ava Garza, David Earley, Ashley Perez, Katherine Orozco-Verderber, Julio Martinez


Feast of Flesh (Gluttony)

Feast of Flesh

Feast of Flesh

By Charles “C.J.” Lillie

The King / Narrator – David Earley

The King – Julio Martinez

The Prophetess – Ava Garza

The People  – All cast


The Devil’s Haven (Pride)

The Devil's Haven

The Devil’s Haven

By Julio Martinez

The Boss – David Earley

Narrator – Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Best Man – Josue Villarreal

Rookie – Vanessa Guerra

Son – Robert Trujillo

Wife – Andrea Lorin


Game of Greed (Greed)


By Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo

Narrator / Detective – Katelyn Horner

Cop – Ava Garza

Greed – Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Evan – Josue Villarreal

Bromkowski – Julio Martinez

Frat Guy / Cop – Robert Trujillo

Frat President / CEO – David Earley

Clerk – Andrea Lorin

Ghost – Ashley Perez


Please Get Up (Sloth)

Please Get Up

Please Get Up

By Josue Villarreal

Narrator / Mom – Vanessa Guerra

Mom – Katelyn Horner

Son – Robert Trujillo

Chorus – Julio Martinez, Katherine Orozco-Verderber, Ashley Perez, Ava Garza



Clara (Envy)

Clara performance photo

Clara performance photo

By Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Narrator / Sophie – Ava Garza

Sophie – Andrea Lorin

Olivia – Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Chorus – Vanessa Guerra, Julio Martinez, Ashley Perez, Josue Villarreal


A Love Like No Other (Wrath)

A Love Like No Other

A Love Like No Other

By Robert Trujillo

Narrator / John – Robert Trujillo

John – Julio Martinez

Alex – Vanessa Guerra

Demon #1 – Andrea Lorin

Demon #2 – Ava Garza

Luke – David Earley


Lights and Sound – Stephanie Wright, Matthew Krug

Assistant Tech – Victoria Rios, Ryann Haese

Directors – Katherine Orozco-Verderber, Michael Verderber, and Julio Martinez


Ticket table, waiting actors, and crew!

Ticket table, waiting actors, and crew!

Below are rehearsal shots and promotional aesthetics to give you a taste of the Seven Deadly Sins:

mm02 mm 01

mm lust 02 mm Lust sloth 01

"Sloth" by Josue Villarreal, aesthetic.

“Sloth” by Josue Villarreal, aesthetic.

greed 02 greed 01

MM FoF 01 MM Fof 02

Promo aesthetic for "The Devil's Haven" 01

Promo aesthetic for “The Devil’s Haven” 01

Promo aesthetic for "The Devil's Haven" 02

Promo aesthetic for “The Devil’s Haven” 02

Memento Mori rehearsal 03

Memento Mori rehearsal 03

Memento rehearsal 02

Memento rehearsal 02

Memento Mori rehearsal 01

Memento Mori rehearsal 01





Memento Mori audis

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