Zero Untitled Films/Productions third film! “Mime-umentary” (written and directed by Michael Verderber) chronicles the lives of “Lime Mime,” two very unwith-it mimes (Orville & Pumpkin Flower) as they describe life as a mime. A very funny film!The WORLD PREMIERE was at KULT KLASSICS 2 on Wednesday (July 12) and it is still screening through Friday (July 14). Here’s the cast list:


Orville / Floyd – Michael Verderber

Pumpkin Flower / Sally – Aurelia “Ro” Guzman

“Eh” Charlie – Gabriel Ruiz

Jack Jock – James Taylor Maupin IV

Kid 1 – Garret Henke

Kid 2 – Sid Martin

Tough Cop – Officer Roman Alvarez

Janitor – O’Ryan White

Blind Man – Buck Mann

Drop Dead Girl – Melisssa Anne Scott

Friend – Griselda Gonzalez

Floyd’s Mother – Suzette Maddox White

Sally’s Father – Scott Henke

Chauncey… – Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.

Just to let everyone know that Mime-umentary is now showing on TAMUK TV 2 in Kingsville. We hit the small screen! Actually we don’t know the exact times we are on the air, but if you know please email us at Go ahead take a short break from the regular network prime time programming and enjoy good local film making. Enjoy!

Nominated in the 2009 Zuffy Awards in the following 8 categories:

Best Film

Best Actor – Michael Verderber

Best Actress – Aurelia Guzman

Cameo – Kurt “Buck” Mann

Cameo – Gabriel Ruiz

Cameo – Suzette White

Best Screenplay

Most Original & Creative

HIGHLIGHT: The nice lady who mistook Michael for a clown and the rude old man who stepped on Gabriel’s hat during shooting. ZERO-014

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