“Neverland Lost” by Katherine Orozco-Verderber was the 2016 immersive Dark Tour production that was an homage to previous Dark Tours. Drawing from several of Grimm’s tales and allusions to Peter Pan, this Dark Tour was staged at the Elks Lodge in Kingsville, Tx on November 21-22, 2016. This page is still under construction and more complete cast information will be completed shortly.

sleeping-neverland pied-nl vasalisa-neverland





Pushkin – Zeta

Lang – Julio Martinez


Hansel – Robert Trujillo

Gretel – Kate Remelius

Nurse – Lexy Webb


Rapunzel – Kaylie Tyra

Nurse – Sean Morin


Sleeping Beauty – Ryann Haese

Nurse – Caitylyn Deleon


Blue Beard – Justin Minter

Nurse – Jennifer Limon


Pan – CJ Lillie


Pinocchio – Adam Gonzalez

Nurse – Raquel Longoria


Pied Piper – Amnah Ziyad

Nurse – Ashley Pannell


Carla – Stephanie Wright

Nurse – Lee Roy Bautista


Helga – Andrea Lorin


Vasalisa – Katherine Orozco-Verderber


Hook – Justin Bennett

Nurse – Michael Verderber

Nurse – Angel Lee Garcia

Guest Performer – Kendra Trejo


Door – Victoria Rios



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