Never stopping to rest, Zero Untitled Films/Productions announces its 16th project, entitled ”Night By The River“. This short play is based on the Mexican folktale of the La Llorana (aka The Wailing Woman) and chronicles Maria’s tumultuous life and the events that lead to her murdering of her child and her suicide.

“Night By The River” will be performed at Texas A&M University – College Station as part of the Southwestern Writers and Artists Festival in October of 2006. Performance in College Station on October 26, 2006 at the MSU 302 at 10:45 am.

Stay tuned for a performance at TAMUK!


SOFIA – Jannah Morales

MARIA – Leah Luna

LUIS – Aaron Martwick

PABLO – Michael Verderber


Writer and Director – Michael Verderber

Sound & Lighting – Aurelia “Ro” Guzman

Special thanks to Tim Mooney for his critique and directorial advise!

HIGHLIGHT: Zero Untitled’s first production outside of the Kingsville area (not including films)!

The Spanish and Spanglish translations of “Night By The River” have been completed by Richard Cisneros. If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of the play for performance please inquire at . There are three versions to choose from:

Night By The River – English

Night By The River – Spanish

Night By The River – “Spanglish”


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