The official flyer, designed by Evan Cordova (who will play the Scarecrow).

Zero Untitled’s 4th entry in their Dark Tour series will be “Nightmare of OZ”, a noir detective story focusing on the investigation of a murderer.  The dead bodies of girls named Dorothy have been left all over Emerald City and it is up to two detectives and the audience to find out.  More info coming soon.

Here are some teaser images and flyers:


“Nightmare” still of Det. Gates and Dorothy (J. Cavazos & O. Del Bosque, resp). Photo courtesy of Tracey Hernandez.

D. Briscoe as “Tim Mann” in “Nightmare of Oz”













Official Trailer:

NIGHTMARE OF OZ – Trailer #1


Detective Linda Wolffe – Katherine Orozco

Detective Greg Gates – Joshua Cavazos



Detective Oscar Weiss – Nicholas Zaragosa

Detective Willow Quell – Jennifer Limon



Detective Allan Wilde – Ryan Watkins

Detective Bernadette Quadlinn – Beth Cantu





Dr. Laura Casta – Rebekah Ramos

Tinker – Jean P. Longoria





D. Briscoe as “Tim Mann” in “Nightmare of Oz”


Timothy Mann –DaRon Briscoe


Luke Crowe – Evan Cordova







Cowell Lyons – Julio Martinez

Kat – Charlie Bray










Dorothy Baum 1 – Crystal Oviedo

Dorothy Baum 2 – Sofia Cortes

Dorothy Lindsey – Olivia Del Bosque

Dorothy Frank – Alyssa “Evy” Alaniz



Dr. John Eura – Josh McCaulley

Aunt Em – Anissa Medina

Henrietta – Cristina Saldivar





Boq – Jacob Elizalde

Gayle – Deborah Gerd

Abatha – Shelby Sutton

Betsy – Cheyanne Woitas

Jellia – Marissa Sanchez

Rak – Ray Lopez


Chrome – Jessica Johnson

Stork – Cierra Wilcher

Smith – Rudy Hernandez

Kulp – Ricky Perez

Wiz – Michael Verderber



Ghost Oz – Baron Kiespert

Ghost Tim Mann – Andrew Frimpong

Ghost Crowe – Antone Verastegui

Ghost Lyons – Luis Zaragosa




Sherwood Payes / Oz – Charles “CJ” Lillie

Capt Ava Westfield – Samantha Garcia

Secretary – Chelsea Tovar

Oz’s Henchmen & Extras – Vince Chavez, Stephen Clark, Jose Mejia, Elizabeth Lysinger



Written by Katherine Orozco

Directed by Michael Verderber

Stage Manager – Luis Zaragosa


Makeup by Sofia Cortes, Jose Mejia

Gopher – Sofia Cortes


K.Orozco and J. Cavazos as Det. Wolffe and Det. Gates


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