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“Pilo, the Never Ending” was filmed in the San Jose area of California.  It is our first project that was produced/filmed/conceived out-of-state.  It stars Kayden Nguyen (previously in “13: The Political Climate of Freemasonry”) and is the first in our “Ultra Short Films” series.  The new series will be (as of now) 3-4 films that are under 5 minutes long.

“Pilo, the Never Ending” is so short that not much can be revealed about it.  The genre of the film is a B-movie style paying some ode to the old 1950s style of films. Stay tuned and it will be released online.



GINGER – Kayden Nguyen


WRITER/DIRECTOR – Michael Verderber

CAMERA – Michael Verderber & Kayden Nguyen

KEY GRIP & PROPS – Trinity Pham


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