L. Zaragosa, Cantu, and N. Zaragosa in “Party Quirks”

This comedy troupe will feature improv games, standup, and sketch comedy.  Performances will be in Kingsville and the Corpus Christi area.  The show features several local actors and comics.  The troupe of 5-8 actors perform with several guest standup comedians and cast members.



2011 Trailer:

PrePunch Trailer 2011 



Alyssa “Evey” Alaniz

Caleb Bonitz

Danny Cantu

Andrew Frimpong

Debbie Gerd

Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.

Jay Llanos

Jessie Luna

Joshua “Beta” McCaulley

Aaron Salinas

Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Michael Verderber

Luis Zaragosa

Nicholas Zaragosa



Beth Cantu

Alexandrea Casarez

Joshua Cavazos

Evan Cordova

Katie Desiderio

Rebecca Ferguson

Allan Guzman

Kyle Hampton

Erik Helsing

Marisha Holley

Teddy James

Leah Luna

Aaron Martwick

William Martwick

Myles Martinez

Maggie Maye

Michael Mendez

Anissa Medina

Jessie Nicole

Melissa “Cali” Nikirk

Sherese Ogden

Mark Pittman

Dustin Romike

Megan Saenz

Rick Saenz

Christina Saldivar

Trimon Small

Antonio Verastegui


Writing Team – Lauren Hernandez, Charles “CJ” Lillie, Julio Martinez, Katherine Orozco, Michael Verderber

Publicity / Street Crew – Joshua Cavazos

Pittman, L. Zaragosa, Gerd, A. Salinas and N. Zaragosa performing in “Panel of Experts”

Heraclio, an audience participant, Megan and Aaron performing “Puppets at the Doctor”


Romike as Hick Kid and Zaragosa as Hick Dad in “Beer N Snuff Ice Cream”

* * * * * * *

 Performance at Tango Tea Room

Here’s what folks had to say about Premature Punchline:

Sean G. – “Premature was the best laugh I had in awhile.”

Emmanuel P. (about the improv)  – “I was sold.  I thought the acting was really good; the actors were funny as hell, and we (as an audience) threw them a curve ball.  It did not matter to them – it was like they rehearsed that part of the show.

Brittany B. – “Each one of the members brought something to the table.  It was balanced; no one was deadweight.  You were all funny.”

Cynthia P. – “It definitely exceeded my expectations.  The show was very entertaining and I loved the chemistry that the actors and actresses have with one another and that they always keep their audience in mind.”

Reymundo B. – “I was laughing so much, I probably lost some calories that night.”

Terell C. – “I would recommend people that want a good laugh to go watch.”

Marcus R. – “My eyes were watery the whole time and I could not stop my laughter.  The next day, my face was sore from smiling the whole time.  My throat was sore from laughing.”

Nikirk and Maupin verbally spar in “By the Numbers”

Bonitz as “Edward”, Gonzalez as “Bella”, and A. Martwick as “Jacob” in Premature Punchline’s “Twilight” spoof.

Here are a few more pics!








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