On the tail of the interactive theatre pieces “Into Hell” and “Madness in Wonderland” comes “Relapse in Wonderland” – the sequel to the highly successful “Madness…”.  This piece will continue the insanity laid forth by the first “Madness…”, this time, however, Alice is back at the Wonderland Ward.  [ ZERO-054 ]

 R. Ferguson as The Red Queen.


Aaron Martwick – The Mad Hatter

Katherine Orozco – The March Hare

Julio Martinez – The Mouse

Luis Zaragosa – The White Rabbit

Brian Worrall – Dr. Pillar

Jacob Elizalde – The Walrus

Caleb Bonitz – The Cook

Zach Kawamura – Dumpty

Annalia Palacios – Nobody

Rebecca Ferguson – The Red Queen

Michelle Honeycutt – The Gryphon

Rian Scarborough – Bill the Lizard

Baron Kiespert – Tweedle

Lucie Lockard – Alice

Erica Guzman – Cheshire

Aaron Salinas – The White Queen

Alyssa “Evy” Alaniz – The Black Rabbit

James Bulin – The Dead Writer

DaRon Briscoe – Dr. E

Stephen Clark – Dr. J

Samantha Garcia – Dr. Dinah





Joshua Cavazos – Dr. Tuttle

Steven Benedit – Dr. Momerath

Danny Cantu – Dr. Club

Michael Carrales – Dr. Nicorn

Jeanpierre Longoria – Dr. Borogrove

Robert Grays – Dr. Foutman

Debbie Gerd – Dr. Spade

Miguel Guerra – Dr. Cannary

Bailey Killian – Dr. Frabjous

Nicholas Zaragosa – Dr. Lyons

Cynthia Salazar – Violet

Rebecca Lopez – Fawn

Ashley Hernandez – Lackspur

Amanda Perez – Mirana

Michael Verderber – Warden Crow

Carlos Gonzales – Ducky

Stacy Saenz – Lily

Jon Conway – Thackery

Robert Alvarado – Mutton

Laura Gerla – Rose

Beth Cantu – Snapdragon

Ashley Medina – Herself

Kristin Perez – Herself


 M. Honeycutt as Griffin and D. Briscoe as Dr. E.

 K. Orozco as The March Hare 


Michael Verderber – Director, Writer

Katherine Orozco – Stage Manager

Luis Zaragosa – Assistant Stage Manager

Samantha Garcia – Assistant

Jon Conway – Additional Research

Aurelia Guzman – Research

Alexa Yunes – Score Composition

Robert Alvarado – Audio

 L. Lockard as Alice and L. Zaragosa as White Rabbit.


Here’s what some people had to say:

“Wow!  That is all I can say about Relapse in Wonderland. I had presumed that Relapse in Wonderland was going to be amazing from [attendee’s] comments, but I was flabbergasted.” – Joseph S.

“The play was fantastic, I really did get scared throughout the entire show.” – Desiree L.

“The actors were great!” – Marcelo C.

“My heart was racing…” – Ana G.

“I will not look at Alice or any of the Wonderland characters the same anymore.  It is crazy how you changed a friendly “Alice in Wonderland” story and turn it into some crazy, dark, psycho.” – Jesse D.

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