Two short pieces, “Shattered” and “Broken Wheels” will be performed under the guise of “Remnant Memories”.  Rehearsals have already begun on these pieces.

“Shattered” by Josh Cavazos (“Relapse” & “A Life with No Joy In It”) explores the seedy underbelly of late night talk shows and what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.  The villainous host takes shots at a newly-injured action star while the crowd looks on in disbelief.


“Broken Wheels” explores the tragic memory of a man who, in one night, destroyed the lives of those closest to him.

Performances are scheduled for late March 22 & 23.


written by Taylor Taska / adapted by Katherine Orozco

dir. Katherine Orozco

Stage Manager – Samantha Garcia

Evan – Andrew Frimpong

Kyle – Julio Martinez

Jenny – Coray Johnson

Mr. Cavanaugh – Steven Benedit

Adrianna – Rebecca Lopez (Thur) / Amanda Perez (Fri)

Detective Fitz – Steven Benedit

CREW & Chorus – Rian Scarborough, Jon Conway, Daron Briscoe, Samantha Garcia, Alma Lopez, Nicholas Zaragosa



by Joshua Cavazos

dir. Michael Verderber

Stage Manager – Alex Casarez


Lance James – O’Ryan White

Bobby – Stephen Clark

Sarah Kinsler – Rebecca Ferguson

Drake Pryce – Joshua Cavazos

Mary – Victoria Bowers

CREW – Victoria Bowers, Jon Conway, Michael Verderber


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