Scars of War: “Amputation” & “PfS21″ is a double bill focusing on the repercussions of war on the human psyche. Co-sponsored by the Asian-Pacific Heritage Committee at TAMUK,was performed at the Memorial Student Union Building at the Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus on April 11-12 at 7:00. Free admission.

“Amputation” by Michael Verderber is about the fragmented memory of a GI suffering from post war trauma. Enraptured by the memory of his deceased Vietnamese fiance, the GI struggles with the norm of the everyday nine to five.

“Amputation” was directed by Rick Saenz and is tentatively starring Taylor Maupin, Phillip Anderson, Elisa Larralde and Jannah Morales.

“PfS21 was directed by Vanessa Vargas and starring Lynn Sanchez, Michael Verderber, James Taylor Maupin IV, Nigel Gomez, and Ron Garza.

“Amputation” was an official selection for the Pop Culture Association conference in Boston on April 4-7, 2007! It was submitted under the “Creative Poetry” category.


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