Pictured: Steven Dallas Garcia and Chris McLeod rehearsing a scene from “The Tempest”



Zero Untitled will be going international with its 61st production, a performance reading/staging of William Shakespeare’s  “The Phoenix and Turtle” and several monologues.  In the vein of avant-garde director Robert Wilson, the  performance will be scheduled simultaneously for multiple locales in London,  Korea, and Texas in May 2012 all at the same time and day.   A full stateside June performance with all contributing pieces will be scheduled as well.

Korea – 1:00 am

London – 5:00 pm

Texas – 11:00 am

“The Phoenix and Turtle”

dir. Michael Verderber / Danny Cantu


Monologue Directors

Danny Cantu

Samantha Garcia

Julio Martinez

Steven Dallas Garcia

Katherine Orozco

Michael Verderber


Pictured: Beth Cantu rehearsing a scene from “Othello”.


Michael Verderber, Julio Martinez, Samantha Garcia, David Sabrio, Katherine Orozco, Luis Zaragosa, and Rebecca Lopez.



Caleb Bonitz, Allan Guzman



Danny Cantu, Steven Dallas Garcia,  Chris McClead, Debbie Gerd, Aaron Salinas, Beth Cantu, and Justin Avalos.

On May 15, Team Korea and Team England will arrive in their respective countries and will need a few days of rehearsal before the production.

At 10 am in Texas, at 5 pm in London, England, and at 1 am in south Korea, members of ZU will be performing the pieces to underscore the timeless and universal quality of theatre and Shakespeare.

Pictured: Julio Martinez as Puck in a rehearsal of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


Performance date is currently TBA, but tentatively aiming for May 20th (USA).  For those stateside, the Texas performance will occur at Cafe 5 in Kingsville, TX (where our “Textual Overture” program frequents).


Danny Cantu and Justin Avalos rehearsing a scene from “The Comedy of Errors”.



Here are some of the performance pictures:


[ ZERO-061 ]

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