(Above: a behind-the-scenes video, not the production)


Our ongoing project is to adapt and film Shakespearean sonnets in a manner that encapsulates them individually, but simultaneously tying several together into a larger story.

These will be released OUT of order and the correct order will be declared at a later date.

So far, Sonnet 147 has been released on Facebook and YouTube.

147 Bloody bath

The order so far (which is subject to change based on added chapters) are as follows:
Sonnet 50 – To be released soon

Sonnet 57/58 – TBA

Sonnet 130 – part 3

Sonnet 147 – Final chapter

Directed by Michael Verderber

Starring Victoria Rios and Katherine Orozco-Verderber.

Sonnet 147 Bloody Victoria

The video can also be viewed here, on our second Zero Untitled Youtube page:





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