TO Xmas penalty hat

(Pictured: Audience member A. Guzman, R. Trujillo, and L. Guerra.)

Zero Untitled’s 85th production was a holiday-themed Textual Overture!

Textual Overture’s first annual Holiday Show was a great success! As usual, there were a variety of events, readings, play performances, and Christmas tunes performed on both nights – Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th.   Both nights had slightly different acts as some performers/readers only presented one of the two nights.

On top of the plays, a classic Premature Punchline game (Penalty Hat, pictured) was performed as well! As shown in the picture, ex-Zero Untitled member Allan Guzman dropped by and joined in on the fun on the second day’s performance. Mr. Trujillo was “punished” in the game by being turned into Frosty by the audience with toilet paper.
A full show recap:

  • “A Visit From St. Nicholas with Annabelle and Summer, pt. I”
    • starring Katherine Orozco, Beth Cantu, Michael Verderber
  •  Penalty Hat
  • The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Anderson
    • dir. M. Verderber / Stage Manager – Steven Wager
    • starring Jennifer Limon, Lesley Guerra, Justin Minter, Luis Zaragosa, Andrea Martinez, Deborah Gerd, Emanuel Ibanez
  • POEM: “Winter” by Evermore
  • “A Visit From St. Nicholas with Annabelle and Summer, pt. II”
    • starring K. Orozco, B. Cantu, R. Trujillo
  • SONG: “Let It Snow” by Jorge Chapa
  • POEM: “Before the Ice” by Emily Dickinson
  • Mele Kalikimaka Hula Dance” by Deborah Gerd
  • “It Never Snows in Texas”
    • directed and written by B. Cantu
    • starring Emanuel Ibanez, Katherine Orozco, Lesley Guerra, Andrea Martinez
  • SONG: “Sleigh Ride” by Jorge Chapa
  • POEM: “Holidays” by Henry W. Longfellow
  • “A Visit From St. Nicholas with Annabelle and Summer, pt. III”
    • starring K. Orozco, B. Cantu, Lesley Guerra
  • SONG: “Jazz Outro” by Jorge Chapa


TO Xmas Jorge and dancing To Xmas Never Snows (pictured: members of ZU and the audience danced to the Jazzy Christmas tunes by Jorge Chapa.)

(pictured: K. Orozco and E. Ibanez performing the play “It Never Snows in Texas”)



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