“Textual Overture” is an organization of poets, writers, artists, musicians, and playwrights together to stage, read, and perform their original pieces.  Performance & staged readings will be scheduled in coffee shops around the Kingsville and Corpus Christi area.






(Felix Cruz III, Danny Cantu, & Caleb Bonitz in “Bulkhead” (formerly called “Flight 1862”))

For the first time ZU is letting the audience get on stage; “Textual…” will feature a few scheduled pieces to be read/staged and then end with an open mic portion in which the audience is encouraged to bring their own pieces for reading and staging.

Performance Dates:

— Cafe 5 – February 28, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

— Blue Ribbon Cafe – March 31, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

— Cafe 5 – April 2012 @ 7:00

— Cafe 5 – July 26, 2012 @ 7:00

— Cafe 5 – February 8, 2013 @ 7:00pm

— Cafe 5 – March 29, 2013 @ 7:00 pm

— Kingsville Visitors Center – September 19, 2013 @ 7:00 pm

— Cafe 5 – February 11, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

. . .

#10 Kingsville Tourism Center – October 10, 2014 @7:00

#11 Textual Overture: Holiday Show – December 2014

#12 Café 5 – March 25th, 2015 @ 7:00

#13 ____ Holiday Show

#14 Stacey’s FroYo – October 23, 2015 @ 7:00

#15 Café 5 – Summer, July 8, 2016

#16 Angel’s Italian Ice – October 31, 2016

#18 Cafe 5 –  September 21, 2017 (art of Mary Maliha)

mary head








#19 Cafe 5 – December 22, 2017 (Textual Ho Ho HOverture)

#20 Cafe 5 –  February 15, 2018 (Valentine’s Day – “The Day After” theme)



***********Older Production Information below***********

Tentative Schedule

February – Café 5*

Julio Martinez “Valediction”

(perf. by Katherine Orozco, Luis Zaragosa, Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas)








Michael Verderber “G.P.S.: Gender’s Problematic Situation”

Written & Directed by Verderber

LOGAN – Joshua Cavazos

HEIDI – Ashley Hernandez

VOICE of TIM TIM – Caleb Bonitz

Crew: Andreina Morataya, Jarvis McGee

Rian Scarborough – assorted poetry

MUSIC: Michael Verderber “Apache”

Julio Martinez “The Cliff”

(perf. by Katherine Orozco)

MUSIC: Andrew Frimpong “TBA”


Rian Scarborough “Is this Real or Not?”

(perf. by Joshua Cavazos)

Julio Martinez “The Daughter’s Plight

(perf. Samantha Garcia & Rian Scarborough)


MUSIC: Katherine Orozco, Andrew Frimpong & Samantha Garcia “You’re The Reason” 

MUSIC: Sistene Ceiling (2 songs)

Octavio Quintanilla “Been There Done That”

MUSIC: Andrew Frimpong “Ordinary People”


Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas – assorted poetry


Michael Verderber “Unfinished Poem #3”

Luis Zaragosa “Excerpts from ‘Squirrel'”

Octavio Quintanilla “Poetry Poetry”


Big Dan “The Procrastinator”


MUSIC: Sistene Ceiling “Places in Virginia” (acoustic)


March – Blue Ribbon Cafe*

 Michael Verderber “Flight 1862: An Episodic Comedy”

(perf. by Caleb Bonitz, Felix Cruz III, M. Verderber / Stage Mng. – Josh Cavazos)


 Samantha Garcia “A Bad Joke”

(perf. Samantha Garcia)


Alex – “Untitled #1”


Julio Martinez “The Monster’s Tale”

(perf. M. Verderber)

Katherine Orozco “Undertow”

(perf. Orozco and S. Garcia)


Alex “Untitled Riff #2”


 Daron Briscoe “Speedbumps…GRR!”

(by Julio Martinez)

Katherine Orozco “Extinct”

(perf. K. Orozco)

MUSIC: Alex “That’s What It Is”

Katherine Orozco “Undertow”

(perf. Samantha Garcia, K. Orozco)


Julio Martinez “The Call of Ex”

(perf. by Debbie Gerd)

Olivia Del Bosque “Surge of Love”

(perf. by Katherine Orozco)


Luis Zaragosa “Random THoughts”, “Suicide Note”


 Julio Martinez “Birthday of a Lullaby”

Steven Chapa “At the End of the Blue Sky”, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue


Caleb Bonitz “Pity”

(by Julio Martinez)


Luiz Zaragosa “A Mess Everywhere”

Julio Martinez “The Father’s Moment”, “Improv”


Josh Cavazos “Disease”

(by Katherine Orozco)


 MUSIC: Alex “Whatever You Want”


MUSIC: Verderber “Makeshift Variation”

Aaron Salinas “Like”

(by Mike McGee)


Daron Briscoe “Penny for Your Thoughts”

(by Gemineye)



April – Cafe 5**

  • MUSIC: Andrew Frimpong, Katherine Orozco, Samantha Garcia “Some Hearts”


  • Julio Martinez “Fire”
    • (perf. by Samantha Garcia)


  • Katherine Orozco “Depth” 
  • MUSIC: Danny Cantu “Light My Fire”
  • Julio Martinez “A Letter of Love”
  • Katherine Orozco “Dear Sister”
    • (perf. Joshua Cavazos)


Steven Dallas Chapa “Through My Cinematic Kaleidescope (pt. I)”

  • MUSIC: Danny Cantu “Lazy Eye”


  •         Michael Verderber “Unconditional”
  •      Olivia Del Bosque “A Time & A Place”
  •         MUSIC: Sistene Ceiling “Wonder”
  • Michael Verderber “Consequences”
    • (perf. R. Ferguson, S. Benedit)



  • Steven Dallas Chapa “Through My Cinematic Kaleidescope (pt. II)”


  • MUSIC: Andrew Frimpong, Katherine Orozco, Samantha Garcia “Terrified”
  • Julio Martinez “Lethal Weapons”
  • Katherine Orozco “Dear Baby Brother”
  • MUSIC: Michael Verderber & Rebekah Ramos “Slipping”
  • Julio Martinez “The Father’s Gift”
    • (perf. by Luis Zaragosa)

MUSIC: Danny Cantu “Mother” 

  • David Gutierrez “Canvas”
    • (perf. Joshua Cavazos, Rebecca Lopez, dir. Katherine Orozco
  • Katherine Orozco “Stand by You”
  • Steven Dallas Chapa “Through My Cinematic Kaleidescope (pt. III)” 
  • David Gutierrez “Violin”
    •   (perf. Felix Cruz III, Victoria Bowers / dir. Jon Conway)


  • Caleb Bonitz “Asphyxia”


  •    MUSIC: Danny Cantu “Everlong”


  •          Luis Zaragosa “Domestic Creatures”
  •         Steven Dallas Chapa & Caleb Bonitz “Clerks: Shakespeare Edition”
  •         MUSIC: Alex M “Dynamics”
  •          Olivia Del Bosque “Cyclical Disappearance”
  •          MUSIC: Andrew Frimpong “Answers”
  •          Rebekah Ramos “Music”
  •          MUSIC: Danny Cantu “Trouble Maker”
  •          Octavio Quintanilla “Beer”, “As Crazy As I Ever Was”
  •          Rebekah Ramos “The End of Days”



July – Cafe 5

1. Julio Martinez – Haiku of a Madman (poem)

                       Perf. Michael Verderber

2. Maximilian Lehnig – “Hotel California” (Eagles) (song)

3. Steven Dallas Chapa – The Director’s Cut (poem)

4. Katy Orozco/Verderber – My Life Story (song)

5. Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr. – Woman (poem)

6. David Gutierrez, DIRForest (play)

                            Rachel – Evy Alaniz

                             Crystal – Olivia Del Bosque

7. Julio Martinez – Of Clowns and a Mime (poem)

                              Perf. Katy Orozco

8. Maximilian Lehnig – “I Think That We Should Be Friends” (White Stripes) (Song)

9. Stevan Dallas Chapa – Poem #3

10. David Gutierrez, DIR – Wandering Blvd

                                 Cameron – Luis Zaragosa

                                  Sarah – Olivia Del Bosque

11. Steven Dallas Chapa – Pulp Fiction Shakespeare (prose)

12. Maximillian Lehnig – “Layla” (Clapton) (song)

13. Julio Martinez – The Observing Shadow (poem)

                                    Perf. David Gutierrez

14. Michelle Flores – A Period Piece (prose)

15. Steven Dallas Chapa – Poem #4

16. Andrew Frimpong/Katy Orozco – I Won’t Give Up (song)

17. Ryan Snodgrass – poem

18. Maximillian Lehnig – “Hallelujah” (Jeff Buckley) (song)

19. Ender: Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr. – (An Old Poem)



February– Cafe 5**

  [ show scheduled for Feb 8, 2013 ]


“There Always” by David Gutierrez
Dir. C.J. Lilly
Cast: Beta, Olivia


Verderber “Negative…”


The Restless Sleeper – Song 1


Octavio Quintanilla  – Poem #1


Josh “Beta” – Twain


Katy – “As You Like It”


“Chapters” by Olivia Del Bosque

Dir. Verderber

Cast: Robert Greys, Elizabeth Lysinger, Joshua McCaulley


Joshua C “Blame Not My Lute”

Octavio Quintanilla  – Poem #2


The Restless Sleeper, feat. Katherine Orozco & Bekah Ramos

“Since You Been Gone”


Verderber – “Deformed…”


Josh “Beta” – Poem #2


Verderber “The Faerie Queene: Canto I” exc.


Octavio Quintanilla  – Poem #3


The Restless Sleeper – Song 3


Verderber “College”












Textual Overture – March 29, 2013 – Café 5

TO 5 - caleb






Caleb Bonitz – “What Went Wrong” (song)


Beth Marie Cantu –  “3:02 am” (poem)

Luis Zaragosa – “Jelly Beans” (poem)

to 5 - beta






Josh “Beta” McCaulley – “Inviting a Friend to Supper” (performance)


Rebekah Ramos – “Flight of an Arrow”  (poem)

Amber Johnson – “The Walk” (poem)

Seeing is Misbelieving: The Rorschach Test” (play)

  1. Writing by Michael Verderber
  2. Directed by Joshua Cavazos
  3. Stage Managed by Rebekah Ramos
  4. Starring – CJ Lillie, Olivia Del Bosque, Josh McCaulley, Beth Cantu

Luis Zaragosa – “On Bukowski” (poem)

Julio Martinez – “Insulting Truth” (poem)

Rebekah Ramos – “New England Ships”  (poem)

TO 5 - daron






Mark Pittman – “There and Back” (poem) (perf. by Daron Briscoe)


Rebekah Ramos – “The Beach at Night” (poem)

Michael Verderber – “The Rant 01: Guilty As Charged” (performance)

Julio Martinez – “Everything” (poem)

TO 5 - cj beta






Play-gerism” (play)

Written and Performed by CJ Lillie and Josh McCaulley


Luis Zaragosa – “You are My Rain” (poem)

Amber Johnson – “Haunted” (story)

Josh McCaulley – “Etude, No. 1” (song on French Horn)

Rebekah Ramos –  “December”  (poem)

Luis Zaragosa – “I Would Prefer” (poem)

Caleb Bonitz – “It’s All Gone” (song)

TO 5 - amber






Amber Johnson – “Haunted Voice” (story)


Rebekah Ramos – “Sympathy”  (poem)

Luis Zaragosa – “I Would Say”

Premature Punchline presents “Panel of Experts” (improv game)

Perf. by Verderber, Martinez, McCaulley, and Bonitz



TO 5 - stacy






Stacy VazquezLotus Drum Song” (song)


Michael Verderber “Anno Domini” (poem)

Julio Martinez “Of Chickens and Drinks” (poem)

Olivia Del Bosque “Star-Crossed” (poem)

Michael Verderber “Making It” (poem)

C.J. Lillie “Regretfully, an English Major” (poem)

Cory Scarborough “Valentine Hallmark Card” (poem)

C.J. Lillie “Valediction Forbidding Mourning” (poem)

Betsy Walleck “Unsatisfaction is a Song…”  (poem) (Read by Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.

Josh McCaulley “Potato Head Travesty” (poem)

TO - crowd

Luis Zaragosa “Technology” (poem)

Julio Martinez “Second Verse Poem” (poem)

Katherine Orozco “Untitled” (poem)

Aaron Salinas “What My…”  (poem)

Josh McCaulley “Listen to Your Mother” (poem)

C.J. Lillie “A Love Poem” (poem)

Julio Martinez “Songbird” (poem)



Textual Overture – September 19, 2013 – Kingsville Visitors Center


Luis Zaragosa – “Corrupted Files”

First Names (play)

written by Katherine Orozco

directed by Michael Verderber


ELIZABETH – Clarissa Alvarez

EDGAR – Luis Zaragosa

CJ Lillie  “Ballad”

Aaron Salinas – assorted poetry

Josh McCaulley and CJ Lillie – “Who’s On First?”

Premature Punchline  “Two Line Vocabulary”

Amber Johnson  “The Battle”

Michael Verderber “Airplane Poem”

Josh McCaulley “All the World’s a Stage”

Michael Verderber “Drumming in a Band”

Amber Johnson “Poem #2”

Premature Punchline “Puppets”




Textual Overture – February 11, 2014 – Cafe 5

To2014 cropped


Julio Martinez “Myself”

Reyna Chavez  “Speaking Across the Seas” (poem)

Michael Verderber “Guys with Boobs” (poem)

Edward Fernandez “Monologue”

Jorge Chapa “Jazz Song #1”

Michael Verderber reading Sharon Bridgforth “Memphis” (poem)

Jessica Rojas “Linger” (song)

Katherine Orozco reading Anne Bradstreet “Poem #1”

Monica Esquibel “The Empire…” (fairytale)


Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr. “Some of the Worst Things You Can Say To Me” (prose)

TO - Herc






Michael Verderber “Landlords” (poem)

Julio Martinez “Moose” (poem)

Michael Verderber “Talent Show and Apache” (song)

Ben Gonzalez “Poem #1”

Anissa Medina “Excerpts from The Hobbit” (prose)

Rebekah Ramos “Lonely Hearts and Fire…”  (poem)

Julio Martinez “Lucretius” (monologue)

Jorge Chapa “Jazz Song #2”

Christina Saldivar “Now I Have to Get Up”

Rebekah Ramos “Harlem”

Michael Verderber “Thank You, Beatles” (prose)

Jessica Rojas “Creep” (song)

Christina Saldivar “New Poem for Valentine’s Day”

Bryan Hinojosa “Artificial Fruit Flavor”

Jennifer Quinlan “Sick” (poem)

Lorena Medina “Shel’s Poem”

Joshua McCaulley “Cloissone” (song)

Taye “Poem by John Donne”

Katherine Orozco “A Thousand Years” (song)

Jorge Chapa “Jazz Song #3”




Textual Overture – #10 – October 28th – Kingsville Tourism Center

*Note: Show count begins at #10 here.



Textual Overture – #11 – Holiday Show – December 2014

(See other web page)


TO open

Textual Overture #12 – March 25, 2015 

 Café 5

(Regular font – Scheduled event

Bold font – Open Mic event)


Katherine Orozco “Once Upon A time” (Poem)

“Excerpt from a life once lived” (Play), directed by Michael Verderber and Dylan Mendoza

Andrea Martinez “Two Steps Back” (Poem)

Julio Martinez “Steal my words” (Poem)

Beth Cantu “The Worst Generation” (Poem)

TO beth

Jorge Chapa “Autumn Leaves” (Song)

Premature Punchline Improv Game 1: Alphabet

Katherine Orozco “Dirty Bathwater” (Poem)

Andrea Martinez “Casual Tragedy” (Poetry)

TO preshow prepping

Natalia Morales “Religious Love” (Poem)

Jorge Chapa “J-Dubbs” (Song)

Beth Cantu “At night on the border” (Prose)

Katherine Villarreal “True Colors” (Poem)

Julio Martinez, Andrea Martinez, Lesley Guerra, and Katherine Orozco “Formless” (Prose)

Premature Punchline Game 2: Party Quirks

Joshua Osho Standup comedy

“Seeing is Misbelieving: A Rorsach Test” (Play), directed by Michael Verderber and Lesley Guerra

(Pictured: “Seeing Is Misbelieving” Ramos, Martinez, and Trujillo (background))

To - Rorschach

Victoria Rios “.” (Poem)

Natalia Morales “His name” (Poem)

Robert Trujillo “1-8-1-2-0” (Poem)

Jorge Chapa “Croc. City Blues” (Song)

Amber Conner Untitled (Prose)

Ram Charan “Smoustogoy” (Poem)

Charles Lillie “Untitled” (Prose)


To - Ram (Pictured: Ram performing Smoustogov”)






Textual Overture Holiday Show! #13 (see show page for more images!)

December 19-20, 2014

  • “A Visit From St. Nicholas with Annabelle and Summer, pt. I”
    • starring Katherine Orozco, Beth Cantu, Michael Verderber
  •  Penalty Hat
  • The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Anderson
    • dir. M. Verderber / Stage Manager – Steven Wager
    • starring Jennifer Limon, Lesley Guerra, Justin Minter, Luis Zaragosa, Andrea Martinez, Deborah Gerd, Emanuel Ibanez
  • POEM: “Winter” by Evermore
  • “A Visit From St. Nicholas with Annabelle and Summer, pt. II”
    • starring K. Orozco, B. Cantu, R. Trujillo
  • SONG: “Let It Snow” by Jorge Chapa
  • POEM: “Before the Ice” by Emily Dickinson
  • Mele Kalikimaka Hula Dance” by Deborah Gerd
  • “It Never Snows in Texas”
    • directed and written by B. Cantu
    • starring Emanuel Ibanez, Katherine Orozco, Lesley Guerra, Andrea Martinez
  • SONG: “Sleigh Ride” by Jorge Chapa
  • POEM: “Holidays” by Henry W. Longfellow
  • “A Visit From St. Nicholas with Annabelle and Summer, pt. III”
    • starring K. Orozco, B. Cantu, Lesley Guerra
  • SONG: “Jazz Outro” by Jorge Chapa


  • Textual Overture #14 – (Date: 10/23/15)


  • Venue: Stacey’s FroYo
  • List of acts:
  • Julio Martinez POEM “Craft”, “Go Away”, “This is not the title”
  • Andrea Martinez & Robert Trujillo SONG “Fly Away”
    • Open Mic #1: Josue Villarreal “The Lion”
  • Premature Punchline “Party Quirks” (Party Host: Beth Cantu. Party-goers: Deborah Gerd, Josue Villarreal, Robert Trujillo, Jazmin Ley)
  • Michael Verderber Novel/Reading “Still Standing Still” excerpt
    • Open Mic #2: Deborah Gerd “A Charlotte Smith Sonnet”
  • Andrea Martinez & Robert Trujillo SONG “The Color of the Sky”
  • Julio Martinez POEM “That day” and “Coo”
    • Open Mic #3: Joshua McCaulley “French Horn” and “Halloween”
  • Julio Martinez’s PLAY Don’t Let The Dog Bite You. Director: Rebekah Ramos. Stage Manager: Jubilee Garcia. Actors: Jazmin Ley, Joshua McCaulley, Robert Trujillo, and Josue Villarreal.
  • Premature Punchline Penalty Hat (Host: Julio Martinez. Host Assistance: Robert Trujillo. Players: Michael Verderber, Deborah Gerd, Beth Cantu, and Josue Villarreal)
    • Open Mic #4: Luis Zaragosa Ozona
    • Open Mic #5: Michael Verderber POEM “The Pale Crest”
    • Open Mic #6: Michael Verderber SONG “Earth Angel”
    • Open Mic #7: Michael Verderber SONG “The Name Song”

PrePunch game PrePunch Halloween Party Zeta getting painted PP Dancing Jaz DLtDBY still Beta reading poetry Absurd ZU members Zeta Painted final

























Textual Overture – July 8, 2016 – Café 5

Set List

“Do Robots die and go to Heaven?” / Poem – Julio Martinez

“The Vanishing Heart” / prose by Michael Verderber

“By The Numbers” Premature Punchline (feat. Elie, Verderber, and Julio)

OPEN MIC – “Violent Eyes”, “To The Shore”, “Era in Disguise” and “Untitled” / poems by Nicholas Sollitto

“Still Lingers” poem by Michael Verderber


PLAY – “The Suppressed” (written and dir. by Michael Verderber)

Waitress – Rebekah Ramos

Ophelia – Ryann Haese

Yoel – Robert Trujillo


“Orlando” poem by Katherine Orozco-Verderber

OPEN MIC – “Casual Tragedy” and “Didn’t” / poems by Andrea Lorin

“Middle School Dating Game” Premature Punchline (feat. Robert, Elie, Beth, and Drea)

“Reskin” Poetry by Julio

Poems by Marlowe” / read by CJ Lillie


PLAY – “The Legacy I Want To See” (written by Julio Martinez, dir. Andrea Lorin)

Claire – Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo

John – Robert Trujillo


SONG – “Tonight, You Belong To Me” (perf. by Andrew Saldivar and Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo)

“Molting” Poetry by Julio

“Quoteline” Premature Punchline (feat. Julio, Verderber, Robert, Elie, Drea, and Beth)


PLAY – “Seeing is Misbelieving 2” (written by Verderber and dir. Robert Trujillo)

Professor Ford – Julio Martinez

Cory – Andrea Lorin

Emily – Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo

Juanita – Elie Andrade


SONG – “The Name Song” Michael Verderber



Angel’s Italian Ice & SMore – October 31, 2016

diver-city-annabelle diver-city-nikoli diver-city-kat-reading-julio-piece zeta-comedy pp-party-quirks

Michael Verderber – 2 poems

Julio Martinez – 1 poem

Premature Punchline – Dating Game

Michael Verderber – 2 poems

Robert “Poodle” Trujillo – 1 poem

Josue/Zeta – Standup #1

Kat – 1 poem

Drea Lorin – 1 poem

Julio Martinez – Final poem

Michael Verderber – Final poems

Robert Trujillo – Final poem

Kat – “Diver City” monologue preview

Robert Trujillo –  A Scary Tale

Michael Verderber as Nikoli – “Diver City” preview #2

Drea Lorin – Final Poem

Katherine Orozco  as Annabelle – “Diver City” preview #3


Textual Overture #17 – Angel’s Italian Ice – February 9, 2017

Feb. 9, 2017 Crowd

Feb. 9, 2017 Crowd

TO Ice Feb 9 - Drea


Textual Overture #18 (feat. the art of Mary Maliha) – Sept 21, 2017

R. Trujillo before the show.

R. Trujillo before the show.

Performance of "A Devil's Haven"

Performance of “A Devil’s Haven”

R. Trujillo collecting quotes for PrePunch's performance.

R. Trujillo collecting quotes for PrePunch’s performance.

The art table for Mary Maliha.

The art table for Mary Maliha.

The latest edition of Textual Overture has wrapped up an eclectic performance on Thursday, September 21.

Among the performances were new theatre pieces written by Julio Martinez and Michael Verderber.

Martinez’s called “The Devil’s Haven” was a sound-and-text based work that featured performances by Martinez, Josue Villarreal,  Tristan Wolfe, Angelina Rios, Kylie McIntosh, and Annette Otero Otero.

Verderber’s play, a silly golf comedy called “Dogleg” starred Amy Ziyad, Matthew Krug, and Vanessa Guerra with a cameo by Verderber.

The artwork (in form of print) of Mary Maliha was introduced by Katherine Orozco-Verderber. Poetry and open mic performances featured Allison Wonderland, Josue Villarreal, Robert Trujillo, Kylie McIntosh, and others.




#20 Cafe 5 –  February 15, 2018 (Valentine’s Day – “The Day After” theme)


Kylie McIntosh – “Elevator” (poem)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 1

Ava Garza “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (song)

Dramatica – Josue “Zeta” Villarreal vs. David Earley

JulioMartinez “The Faces of Love” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Robert “Poodle” Trujillo “Shakespeare Song”

Josue “Zeta” Villarreal “The Next Day” (poem)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 2

Julio Martinez “The Bigger the Figure” (song and dance)

Kylie McIntosh – “Balloons on the Ceiling” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Michael Verderber “Re—” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Katherine Orozco-Verderber “Burn” (song)

Dramatica – Andrea Lorin versus Kylie McIntosh

Josue “Zeta” Villarreal “Open Up” (poem)

Kylie McIntosh – “Horse Race” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Robert “Poodle” Trujillo “Serious Love Poem”

OPEN MIC: Andrea Lorin “I Don’t Like You Either” (song)

Michael Verderber “Lonely, One and Only” (song)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 3

“A Dave with Destiny” (play) by Ken Preuss (dir. Josue Villarreal)

TO Drea TO Verderber TO Dave TO Katy TO Kylie TO Julio SONG TO Poo shakespeare song TO Ava SONG TO serenading zeta's mom





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