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“The Factory” by Katherine Orozco is Zero Untitled’s fifth production in their Dark Tour series.  Taking place ten years after the events of Willy Wonka opening his factory doors, the kids never left the factory, despite the media frenzy.  Inclined to discover the whereabouts, the audience is invited in to see what happened to the spoiled kids and what became of Willy Wonka and his wretched factory.

Mature Audiences only.

written by and co-directed by Katherine Orozco

co-directed by Michael Verderber


Show dates are currently pending:

March 6 – 7, 2014 – Fore Hall, Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville


Downstairs Willy Wonka #1 – Victoria Grimm

Downstairs Willy Wonka #2 – Eddward Fernandez

Downstairs Oompa Loompa #1 – C.J. Lillie

Downstairs Oompa Loompa #2 – Justin Minter

Jopeck – Rebekah Ramos

Downstairs Augustus – Robert Breedlove

Downstairs Veruca – Beth Marie Cantu

Veruca’s Oompa Loompa – Michael Wiser

Downstairs Mike Teevee – Christina D. Saldivar

Downstairs Violet – Jessie Nicole Luna

Slugworth – Nicko Villarreal

Bill – Joshua “Beta” McCaulley

Willy Wonka #1 – Katherine Orozco

Willy Wonka #2 – Van Nguyen

Oompa Loompa #1 – Bryan Hinojosa

Oompa Loompa #2 – Jared Lee Silveira

 Augustus Gloop – Aaron Salinas

Augustus’s Mother – Clarissa Alvarez

Upstairs Oompa – Elan Perez

Violet Beauregard – Jessica Rojas

Mike Teevee – Luis Zaragosa

The Zoo – Deborah Gerd, Emanuel Ibanez, Amber Badger

Girl – Reyna Chavez

Veruca Salt – Anissa Medina

Veruca’s Mother – Anita Fredericks

Bill’s Oompa Loompa – Michael Verderber

Charlie – Julio Martinez

Written by – Katherine Orozco

Directors – Michael Verderber, Katherine Orozco

Stage Manager – Amber Badger


* * * * * *

Katherine Orozco – Orozco is a long-time ZU affiliate and Main Stage director. Her previous writing/directing credit includes A Glass Veil and an experimental piece called A Woman With No Name at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi.

Michael Verderber  – Verderber is the Creative Director of ZU. His previous directing credits include the Dark Tour pieces Into Hell, Nightmare of Oz, and several others.

Victoria Grimm – Grimm performs sporadically with ZU.  She previously appeared in Sidetalk.

Edward Fernandez  – New to ZU, his last acting credits were the lead in A Brother Complex and A Winter’s Harvest.

C.J. Lillie – Mr. Lillie’s previous ZU credits include Glamorgan, Only Slightly Mad, and a cameo in Premature Punchline, among others.

Justin Minter – This is Mr. Minter’s second production with Zero Untitled. He previously appeared as the Parrot in a short play from Textual Overture.

Rebekah Ramos – has a ton of credits with ZU including acting in Glamorgan and Fishnado, and several tech and directing positions such as It’s Not Very Effective, Coach of the Year, Don’t Forget the Other, and several others.

Robert BreedloveThe Factory is Mr. Breedlove’s first performance with Zero Untitled. His next role is the villainous “Tarquin” in the upcoming The Rape of Lucrece.

Beth Marie Cantu – Ms. Cantu has held several acting positions in plays such as Fucking Karma, There’s a Hotel at the End, Too Young to Die, and others.

Michael Wiser  – The Factory is Wiser’s first romp in the acting world.

Christina Saldivar – Ms. Saldivar’s theatre credits include Only Slightly Mad, Nightmare of Oz, It’s Not Very Effecive, Torn, and many more.

Jessie Luna – her previous acting credits include cameos with Premature Punchline and the lead in The Bachelorette Party.

Nicko Villarreal – is relatively new to the ZU crew.  His last performance was the experimentally staged Injection that was set in a bathroom.  He is set to perform in St Louis in The Rape of Lucrece.

Joshua “Beta” McCaulley  – quickly becoming a seasoned veteran in ZU Mainstage, Mr. McCaulley has performed in Premature Punchline, Injection, The Game of Fortune, and others.

Van Nguyen – is new to Zero Untitled and is performing for the first time.

Bryan Hinojosa  – was last seen in Too Little, Too Late.

Jared Lee Silviera – This is Mr. Silviera’s first performance with Zero Untitled.

Aaron Salinas – is the director of Premature Punchline and has also acted in Pinko’s Pirouette, Coach of the Year, and was nominated as “Best Supporting Actor” in Eighty-Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds at the Corpus Chisti 7-Day Film Festival.

Clarissa Alvarez – was last seen in A Winter’s Harvest and in First Names, a short play that was part of Textual Overture.

Elan Perez – Mr. Perez is relatively new the ZU and was last seen in Leave a Message and wrote Shrink, a short play from earlier this season.

Jessica Rojas – Ms. Rojas has appeared in Dependents, singing and guitar for Textual Overture, and A Winter’s Harvest.

Luis Zaragosa – Long-time Zero Untitled veteran, Mr. Zaragosa has appeared in productions such as All The World’s a Stage, Madness in Wonderland, Heart and Stole, and several others.

Deborah Gerd – Ms. Gerd has appeared in many of the Dark Tours including Nightmare of Oz and Relapse in Wonderland. She is also a frequent performer with Premature Punchline.

Emanuel Ibanez – has primarily done written work for Zero Untitled. He wrote the play Don’t Forget the Other, so this is his first venture into acting.

Amber Badger – Relatively new to Zero Untitled, Ms. Badger previously performed in Too Little, Too Late and A Winter’s Harvest.

Reyna Chavez – is also new to Zero Untitled, but has managed to put three performances under her belt: Too Little, Too Late, stage managing Pinko’s Pirouette, and most recently, The Poorly Designed Character’s Club.

Anissa Medina – In addition to designing some of the fliers and photography for many of our productions, Medina has acted in Pot and Kettle, Cooookie!, and Nightmare of Oz.

Anita Fredericks – Ms. Fredericks is performing for the first time for Zero Untitled.

Julio Martinez – More of a writer and technician, Mr. Martinez’s acting credits include Dependents, Cooookie!, Relapse in Wonderland, among others.




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