lolita Zero Untitled’s 68th production will be a series of original one-acts collectively called “The Farewell Projects.” Due to the impending  leave of ZU members Luis Zaragosa, Katherine Orozco, and Julio Martinez, the company decided to give them an opportunity to show off their skills – writing and directing their own pieces.


In the case of Zaragosa & Orozco, they will also be starring in their own piece.  The show’s schedule will be as follows:

“Lolita & The Fox” by Katherine Orozco

“There’s a Hotel at the End” by Julio Martinez

“The Walls Have Faces” by Luis Zaragosa

“manikin” by Michael Verderber



Two trailers have already been produced:

Farewell trailer #1


Trailer #2


The shows premiere February 26 and runs the 28th and March 1st.  Show times begin at 7:00 and the admission will be $2 in the Blue Room.

Cast info:

“Lolita & The Fox”

Written and Directed by Katherine Orozco

Co-Directed by rebekah Ramos


Harper – Katherine Orozco

Ryder – Antonio Verastegui

Owen – Joshua Cavazos

Gavin – Cory Scarborough

Ivy – Jennifer Limon

Delilah – Anissa Medina


Choreography – Cory Scarborough

Lights / Sound – Rebekah Ramos, Aaron Salinas

“There’s a Hotel at the End”

Written and Directed by Julio Martinez

Hill – Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Mr. Forgetful, Manager, Tahn – Ryan Watkins

Soldier – Olivia Del Bosque

Dancer – Beth Marie Cantu

Madman, The Writer – Caleb Bonitz

Madwoman – Jennifer Limon


Lights / Sound – Rebekah Ramos

“The Walls Have Faces”

Written and Directed by Luis Zaragosa & Aaron Salinas


Mr. _______ – Luis Zaragosa

Dr. _______  – Aaron Salinas

Mortician 1 – Ray Lopez

Mortician 2 – Joshua McCaulley

Voices – Katherine Orozco, Olivia Del Bosque, Anissa Medina


Lights / Sound – Rebekah Ramos

Based on a poem by Luis Zaragosa

Concept by Michael Verderber


Written and Directed by Michael Verderber

Ash – Felix Cruz III

Rubicante – Daron Briscoe

Chorus, Dead Ash – Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Chorus, Colt – Dylan Ochoa

Chorus, Bridget, Voice of child – Samantha Garcia

Chorus, Lucas – Rudy Hernandez

Chorus, Neil – Ryan Watkins

Chorus, Club Girl – Christina Saldivar


Stage Manager – Chelsea Tovar

Lights – Aaron Salinas

Live Percussion – Rudy Hernandez, Michael Verderber

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