The Telegration Experiment: A Happening was an unannounced theatrical presentation performed on Monday, June 12 from 7:45 am – 9:00 am at TAMUK. The “happening” was developed by Allan Kaprow in the 1950’s; he believed that life is theatrical art. Real people unaware of the performance are true spectators.

The Telegration Experiment: A Happening featured two actors, Phillip Anderson and James Taylor Maupin IV, sitting on a couch playing video games and watching TV (respectively). However, there were no TV’s nor consoles and the two sat outside. The actors ignored all around them, mystified by the TV “screen”. The purpose of this theatrical experiment is to show people what they look like when watching TV – a drone. People have become victim to the deGRAdaTION of TELEvision.

Conceived and directed by Michael Verderber

Drone 01 – Phillip Anderson

Drone 01 – James Taylor Maupin IV

HIGHLIGHT: The stares from the group of high school kids and the girl that understood what was going on without explanation.


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