Back in 2004, rumors swirled about Zero Untitled’s radio play. Unfortunately, the show never quite got on the air, but now in 2010, we’re all systems go.  “The Unraveling” is a 1920’s styled murder-mystery in the form of a radio play – think “War of the Worlds” or “The Shadow.” The performance will basically be portrayed seriously, but due to the corny nature of the dialogue, it comes across as funny.  A comedic slideshow will accompany.


More than likely, a series of live performances will be in order instead of the traditional radio airing.  “The Unraveling” is an episodic trilogy; the episodes are: “The Rising”, “Things Thicken” and the finale “Surfacing.”

Performance dates were October 20-21 at 7:30 pm.


“The Unraveling”

written by Michael Verderber

directed by Luis Zaragosa

score and sound effects by Jacob Elizalde

slideshow by Zach Houston & Luis Zaragosa


Rehearsal pics of “The Unraveling” – (L-R) Pineda, Enriquez, N. Zaragosa, Gutierrez, N. Learned, Romike, Orozco, Guzman, E. Learned



Announcer – Dustin Romike

Narrator – David Gutierrez

William Tripp – Nicholas Kirk Learned

Theodore Fredericks – Miguel “Cosmo” Venejas

Rand – Dustin Romike

Cab Driver – Katy Orozco

Peterson – Allan Guzman

Samantha Altuck – Katy Orozco

Lacy – Erica Enriquez

Sharon Fredericks – Erica Learned

Jerome – Isaac Pineda

Krenek – Nicholas Zaragosa

Police Officer #1 – Allan Guzman

Police Officer #2 – Dustin Romike

Here’s what the audience thought:

“I thought the play was hilarious! It was the very first voice acting play I have ever been to and I liked this style of the play more so than conventional set, lights, and props.” – Zeke A.

“I enjoyed every minute of it.  The powerpoint presentation and sound effects gave a way to letting your imagination take over.” – Sofie G.

“I look forward to seeing more of [the director, Luis Zaragosa]’s work in the future.” – Elizabeth C.  


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