The Political Climate of FreeMasonry

The third in the Zero Untitled Happening Series, “13°: The Political Climate of the Freemasonry,” featured actors, Kayden Nguyen, Allan Guzman, Chad Wallace, and Jeanpierre Heurtelou walking around the Texas A&M University – Kingsville campus. Bedecked in skeletal garb (an homage to “A Trance of Death” and a befittingly cryptic costume), the cast wore an emblazoned “13” and “33” on their costumes to underscore the ideals and haunting imagery behind the number 13 in the United States government and in the mysterious world of the Free Masons. They handed out pamphlets regarding the possible damnation facing our government and the Free Mason organization’s presence in American history.

Conceived by KaydenNguyen

Directed by Michael Verderber

Makeup – Felicia Morin

Additional Support – Rolando Rios

The Cast:

13 – Kayden Nguyen

33 – Allan Guzman

13 – Jeanpierre Heurtelou

33 – Chad Wallace


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