#ZeroLife is an ongoing series of behind-the-scenes antics, music covers, mini films, and other bits of life in Zero Untitled. The idea, developed by Katherine Orozco-Verderber, is available for viewing on our Facebook page. The works will be released roughly every other week or so throughout the summer of 2016.

So far, the productions have been:

ZERO-101.1   Hamilton “Satisfied” cover  https://www.facebook.com/Zero.Untitled/videos/1133909199962873/

ZERO-101.2   ZU Blooper Reel  https://www.facebook.com/Zero.Untitled/videos/1142094155811044/

ZERO-101.3   Poodle Insults Verderber  https://www.facebook.com/Zero.Untitled/videos/1151010868252706/

ZERO-101.4 – “I Wanna Try That!” (short film) https://www.facebook.com/Zero.Untitled/videos/1159783227375470/

ZERO-101.5 – “Tonight, You Belong To Me” (live cover at Textual Overture) https://www.facebook.com/Zero.Untitled/videos/1168253066528486/

ZERO-101.6 – “Middle School Dating Game” (live performance by PrePunch)

ZERO-101.7 – “Empathy: A Mom Blog” (audio play) https://youtu.be/lBDNhGuKUaM



Zero Untitled has so many assorted ideas and bits, that we often run out of places to do/perform them. Thus, the brainchild project of Katherine Orozco-Verderber, #ZeroLife was born. Essentially, #ZeroLife (our 101st production) is the culmination of several of our bits, clips, outtakes, songs, and other assorted goodies that don’t quite fit in our lineup. Although the releases are still coming, here is what has been released thus far. All of these can been seen on the Zero Untitled Facebook page.




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