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Gumball Badges

gumball Linda Wolfe was never good at dealing with people. It wasn’t that she was difficult to work with; she just had a limited amount of patience at her disposal, and that could disappear in a heartbeat. To Griffin Cadmus, Linda’s old police academy rival, her patience never existed, and was her only shortcoming. When Linda, a small town homicide detective, was forced to work with Cadmus, FBI narcissist extraordinaire, she thought this would be the toughest case of her life. She wasn’t wrong. Linda was prepared for a typical murder case. She was not prepared to be hunted, and neither she nor Cadmus were prepared to be placed in the crosshairs. The Surgeon Strangler was coming for them. And there was only so far they could run. Katherine Orozco is a South Texas playwright, poet, and fiction author.

The Haunted Traveler: Vol. 2 Issue 1 

haunted travelerIssue features Andrea Lorin‘s story “Safe in the Dark” which was adapted to the stage and retitled “Girl and Her Monster”. Welcome to the latest edition of The Haunted Traveler, a roaming anthology dedicated to bringing you some of the most shocking and twisted tales this world has to offer. This issue will surely mesmerize you with its dark and haunting fiction pieces, leaving your nightmares vivid and your dreams insane. This edition features several new and old faces to the zine. Tag along, you won’t want to leave after getting all tangled up in our twisted tales.



[Nonspace]: Theatre Off the Stage

20577_Verderber_Cover2_web This anthology features several produced plays as well as one unproduced play by past and present  playwrights. Edited by Michael Verderber. “Three Hours” by Gabriel Ruiz (performed in 2011) “Night By The River” by Michael Verderber (performed in 2006) “Flowers in the Fall”  by Michael Verderber (performed in 2004/2012) “A Winter’s Harvest”  by Michael Verderber (performed in 2005) “GPS: Gender’s Problematic Situation”  by Michael Verderber (performed in 2012) “[injection]”  by Michael Verderber (performed in 2013) “Wandering Blvd.” by David Gutierrez (performed in 2012) “Ankur Adrift”  by Michael Verderber (performed in 2005) “Cooookie!”  by Michael Verderber (performed in 2012) “Anti-Gone Wrong” by Barry Berryhill (performed in 2010/2012) “Nightmare of Oz” by Katherine Orozco (performed in 2012) “Pinko’s Pirouette”  by Michael Verderber (performed in 2012/2013) “Medea: Cerberus”  by Michael Verderber (2015) Purchase [Nonspace]: Theatre Off The Stage directly from Fountainhead Press, or from Amazon. 

Still Standing Still

sss cover

This novel is the work represented in the “Still Standing Still” Trailer project. Although not a theatrical work, the novel’s trailer utilizes several ZU members. You may purchase this novel on Amazon:






Along the River III

AR3-cover-front-675x1024 Edited and compiled by David Bowles, this 2014 anthology has a reprinting of “Night by the River” by Michael Verderber (produced in 2006). View Along the River III: Dark Voices from the Rio Grande at VAO Publishing. Purchase from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


 Twas the FLOP Before Christmas


Christmas is that time of the year when everything is joyous and happy. Like many holiday stories, “Twas the FLOP Before Xmas” underscores the idea that if things could go wrong during the holiday season, they will. In the case of this multiple scene play, Marco has just been left in charge of the annual Christmas variety show and must fix this metaphorical sinking ship. Actors are getting sick, the local cheerleaders can’t cheer, the Christmas clown is more frightening than funny, and the reindeer have gone missing. Chaos ensues as Marco and the stage manager, Rebecca, do their best to keep the reins together on this Christmas train wreck. Is there time to get their act together? This will be a fun performance for both actors and audience! Michael Verderber is a south Texas playwright who specializes in adapting non-theatrical works for the stage.







To Hold a Moment Still

ToHoldaMomentStillCoverImage The anthology “To Hold a Moment Still” published by Transcendent Zero Press features several works including “Unconditional” which premiered in 2013. The performance poem was written and performed by Michael Verderber for “Textual Overture.” Read a copy here or purchase a physical copy:








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