“Wanted: Dead or A Mime!” invades Kingsville…again

Don’t those pesky mimes know when to quit? Probably not seeing as how they never TELL us why they do what they do! …wait…

More info here: http://www.zerountitled.com/productions/wanted-dead-or-a-mime-2015/ Wanted 04

Call for HOLIDAY themed work!

Zero Untitled Films/Productions is looking for holiday or Christmas-themed short plays, poems, and performances for our upcoming reading in December (dates TBA). The performance will be called “Textual Overture 2015 Holiday Show.”
– For plays, small casts of up to 4 are preferred. Easy set up required (we perform in local coffee shops).
– For poems, any work that you would like to come read or have someone else read in your absence; shorter works preferred.

Please submit work to: zero_untitled_films@yahoo.com xmas

Halloween Textual Overture was a trick and a treat

PrePunch game PrePunch Halloween Party Zeta getting painted Zeta Painted final Absurd ZU members Beta reading poetry DLtDBY still PP Dancing JazOur first Halloween Textual Overture was a blast! Here are some images and a list of the events (both scheduled and open-mic).


  • Textual Overture #14


  • (Date: 10/23/15)
  • Venue: Stacey’s FroYo
  • List of acts:
  • Julio Martinez POEM “Craft”, “Go Away”, “This is not the title”
  • Andrea Martinez & Robert Trujillo SONG “Fly Away”
    • Open Mic #1: Josue Villarreal “The Lion”
  • Premature Punchline “Party Quirks” (Party Host: Beth Cantu. Party-goers: Deborah Gerd, Josue Villarreal, Robert Trujillo, Jazmin Ley)
  • Michael Verderber Novel/Reading “Still Standing Still” excerpt
    • Open Mic #2: Deborah Gerd “A Charlotte Smith Sonnet”
  • Andrea Martinez & Robert Trujillo SONG “The Color of the Sky”
  • Julio Martinez POEM “That day” and “Coo”
    • Open Mic #3: Joshua McCaulley “French Horn” and “Halloween”
  • Julio Martinez’s PLAY Don’t Let The Dog Bite You. Director: Rebekah Ramos. Stage Manager: Jubilee Garcia. Actors: Jazmin Ley, Joshua McCaulley, Robert Trujillo, and Josue Villarreal.
  • Premature Punchline Penalty Hat (Host: Julio Martinez. Host Assistance: Robert Trujillo. Players: Michael Verderber, Deborah Gerd, Beth Cantu, and Josue Villarreal)
    • Open Mic #4: Luis Zaragosa Ozona
    • Open Mic #5: Michael Verderber POEM “The Pale Crest”
    • Open Mic #6: Michael Verderber SONG “Earth Angel”
    • Open Mic #7: Michael Verderber SONG “The Name Song”

Halloween Textual Overture

This week! Scheduled acts and open mic! Performances do not have to follow a Halloween theme, but it is encouraged. TO Halloween

Behind the Scenes of the “Still Standing Still” trailer!

SSS - Froggy trailer SSS - Froggy harassing Vincent reh SSS - watching a take SSS - awkward demonstration SSS - early set up check SSS - Poo meets the elevatorHere are some behind the scenes photos from last night’s filming of the “Still Standing Still” trailer! More images and the full trailer coming soon. For now, enjoy these photos by Jubilee.


“Little Doll” impromptu reading

A big thanks to the impromptu cast of “Little Doll” for their staged reading work last night. It was not a legitimate performance by any means, but the talk-back and discussion was productive! Thanks to our friends and “audience” members, too!

MAI – Christina
LYLE – Josh “Zeta”
JANIE – Debs

Audience Discussion – Jubilee, Jose, Katy, Robert, and Drea

“Gumball Badges” trailer – Behind-the-scenes

Cinematographer Jaz Ley and actor Robert Trujillo.

Cinematographer Jaz Ley and actor Robert Trujillo.

Image from the "tied up" scene.

Image from the “tied up” scene.

Actress Katherine Orozco in make up.

Actress Katherine Orozco in make up.

Getting bloody!

Getting bloody!

Here are a few behind-the-scene pics from the recent filming of our “Gumball Badges” book trailer!


The Shrew shall soon be tamed.

ZU news

Zero Untitled’s next production will be William Shakespeare’s immortal classic “The Taming of the Shrew”! The performance will be a scripts-in-hands production with several actors double casted. The performance will occur at the Santa Gertrudis Middle School theatre and will star ZU actors as well as Academy High School students and recent graduates, helping to showcase the acting chops in the community.

An interview video has been recently released and can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcAQf0u72pk&feature=youtu.be

The age might have to be refreshed if you get a green screen.

Performance will be a two-day only engagement and will be a free event:

July 28 & 29 at 7:00 at Santa Gertrudis Middle School

Premature Punchline performance in OmniCon

OmniCon pika Villains

Our resident comedy troupe, Premature Punchline, just wrapped a performance up in McAllen at the annual OmniCon comic book and anime convention. The performance was on Friday June 26th at 8:00. A live performance video and pictures will be posted soon.

Watch the fan-filmed Youtube video here. You might need to refresh the page if you get a green screen.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz1cVHQ6bP4&feature=youtu.be


OmniCon crowd


Dark Tour now viewable!

Missed out on our Dark Tour last month? Well you can watch the show unfold the way it did for the audience on YouTube! Watch it here:


This is a rough edit of a run of the show. It is not designed to look like a legitimate film, but to feel like an audience’s experience ala “found footage” style. Enjoy!

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