Zero Untitled take home BEST DRAMA award for “Treason” and “Unending Repetition”

Zero Untitled casts were informed that we won BEST DRAMA at the Equity Library Theatre 2017 Summer Play Festival on August 19, 2017.

Winning plays (they were considered a unit):


“Treason” by Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Dir. Ashley Kristeen Vega

Starring Rose Gutierrez


“Unending Repetition” by Michael Verderber

Dir. Michael Verderber

Starring Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Co-Direction – Julio Martinez

Music – Robert Trujillo

ZU have officially performed Off Off Broadway!

Here are some pics from today’s performance! A performance of “Treason” and “Unending Repetition” occurred at Equity Library Theatre near Harlem in NYC.


More images of Treason!

Brand new #TreasonNYC images are out courtesy of our Zero Untitled – NYC crew.

Rose Gutierrez as Jane D

Rose Gutierrez as Jane D


Official “Dark” trailer for “Unending Repetition” is out!


This is the official “Dark” teaser trailer for “Unending Repetition”. It is called “dark” to obscure some of the more graphic elements of the trailer. The play premieres in NYC on Saturday, August 19 at noon with several other one-act plays, including our other play “Treason.”

The video is viewable on Youtube here:

Official “Treason” trailer is out!

Here is the official “Treason” trailer created by the Zero Untitled – NYC crew! The teaser for “Unending Repetition” is coming in a few days…


“Treason” teaser

Treason Here is a teaser photo of Rose Gutierrez in our new Main Stage production “Treason” premiering in New York City in collaboration with the Equity Library Theatre. The play, written by Katherine Orozco-Verderber and directed by Ashley Kristeen Vega, will have a one-time performance on August 19th in New York in collaboration with Equity Library Theatre.

Another NYC show has been scheduled!

3HT keyboard Sorry, we couldn’t hold back our excitement! We just scheduled our next NYC theatre event. We are doing another “Thr33 H0ur Th3atr3” (or Three Hour Theatre) show at The Way Station in Brooklyn on September 25. Here is the Event page if you are in the area and wish to either act, direct, or write for the event! More info coming soon!

If you recall, we did the last Thr33 H0ur Th3atr3 in Corpus Christi back in 2016. Here is the link:

NYC production “Unending Repetition” teaser pic

K. Orozco-Verderber in "Unending Repetition"

K. Orozco-Verderber in “Unending Repetition”

Here is a teaser photo of Katherine Orozco-Verderber as “Orion” in our new Main Stage production “Unending Repetition” premiering in New York City in collaboration with the Equity Library Theatre. The play, written and directed by Michael Verderber, will have a one-time performance on August 19th in New York while a Texas performance will be scheduled for the future. Dramaturgy and co-direction by Julio Martinez and a score by Robert Trujillo.

PrePunch gets penalized

Jordan playing a red pirate... apparently.

Jordan playing a red pirate… apparently.

Premature Punchline did a riotous show at Comics Live Downtown inside Bella Luna in Corpus Christi. Here are some pics from the performance.

PrePunchers at the show were Robert “Poodle” Trujillo, Andrea Lorin, Julio Martinez, Michael Verderber, Kate Remelius, and Jordan Bruster-Campo.

Drea dropping a beat as a penalty.

Drea dropping a beat as a penalty.

Salon Series: Staged Readings

Salon Series: Staged Readings

As Zero Untitled continues to search for plays to produce, we have developed on ongoing series of in-house readings of famous plays that we are considering for our upcoming season(s). Each play reading will be the first Wednesday of every month and feature a major play that is under consideration.

Although, these are private readings and not public performances, you are welcome to contact us and join the fun. We cast members of ZU as different characters in the play; sometimes several different characters to try out the play and give everyone a chance to take a stab at plays by Tennessee Williams, Harold Pinter, John Donne, and others.

You may message us on Facebook for more details.

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