Promotional material for our next Main Stage production.

For more info, visit the show page.


Audition Notice!


Audition flyer: rehearsal shots

Audition flyer: rehearsal shots

This October, Zero Untitled will be presenting multiple one act plays, and we need casts to fill them! Anyone is welcome to audition, whether you have tons of experience or none at all. Come by Fore Hall, Room 102 on September 3rd at 7:00 to visit with us and we’ll see where you fit best.

Plays being produced will be from almost any genre, such as comedy, drama, dramedy, western, suspense, etc.

Let us know what you want/like to do.

Additionally, information on our upcoming “The Wonderland Massacre” production and other film and mime projects will be discussed as well.

Summer Update: Films, films, and more films

Michael Verderber and Katherine Orozco go over blocking for "Mal de Ojo."To say that Zero Untitled has been busy with film projects is an understatement.  We just premiered our video for Octavio Quintanilla’s poem “Café Triste” on August 8 at a private screening/poetry reading event.

The film is now viewable on YouTube.

Our recent Happening production “Dual Sex” can be seen on YouTube.  More information on “Dual Sex” can be found on its page.

The next film that will be premiering is our Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Project entry “Catchweight” on August 23, 2014 at the Harbor Playhouse. “Catchweight” is our collaboration with another production company, Writers Unblocked.  The film is directed by Ismael Prado and written by Caleb Bonitz.

In the meantime, we have been filming footage for another Quintanilla poem, called “Mal de Ojo” which will premiered at a later date. In addition to that, we put together another short in our “Ultra Short” film series called “That One Friend” but the release date is still pending.

Pics and footage will be posted soon.


Summer Happening #2 – Dual Sex


The second in our summer Happening series, “Dual Sex” was performed multiple times on the campus of Texas A&M University – Kingsville.  The interpretive dance piece was staged multiple times in a row during the course of two 2-hour long blocks.  Although the piece only lasts two minutes long, the brevity underscores the fact that every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted.

The piece is about a male and female dancer who get attacked by members of the “audience” while a poem about superficiality and beauty is read. During the attack, the attackers smear paint on the dancer, to convey the tainting of sexual assault victims.   Check out the show page to see more!

We have more around the corner throughout this summer including multiple film projects and more Happenings!

Summer “Textual Overture”

Our annual summer “Textual Overture” open-mic series is next week on Thursday, June 26th.  Bring your poems, short stories, plays, instruments, and other performance goodies to the show! JUNE TO fixedLocation: Cafe 5, 634 E. King Street, Kingsville, Tx!

“The Mindless Men” (Happening #1)

Mindless Men rehearsalHAPPENING #1 – “The Mindless Men” will have two performances (for now, more to come!) in Corpus Christi.

Friday, June 13 – 7:00 Corpus Christi Marina (near Joe’s Crab Shack)

Saturday, June 14 – 8:00 Yin Yang Fandango and the Tango Tea Room (Tango Fandango)

For those who cannot physically come, please get on Facebook and “command” our actors at those times. We will be live streaming the event so you can watch either in CC or from your laptop wherever you are.

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Season Line-Up

Slightly edited from how it appeared on our Facebook page:

We are releasing our 2014-15 schedule below. Please remember that Premature Punchline and Textual Overture shows are not put on the season quite yet, but our mainstage shows are listed. We will be having auditions for them, so stay tuned if you’re interested in that.

SUMMER: Happening series
“Pollock’s Process”
“The Mindless Men”
“Duel Sex”
“Ever-Changing Game”

While the Happenings are mainstage shows, they will not be taking place in the Blue Room, so stay informed on our location!

Fall One Acts – These shows will be written by Zero Untitled writers, actors, and even you guys! If you’re interested in having one of your plays produced by Zero Untitled, feel free to submit it to us and see if a director picks it up. Caveats of this particular show are as follows:
*10-15 page script
*cast of 3 or less.
“Causa Mortis” – Our Dark Tour this year will be a Dark Tour without the long lines and journeying through the building. All of the terror will take place in the Blue Room.

“The Pillowman” – By Martin McDonagh. This will be our big season ender this year, but it will not be the last show you can see for Zero Untitled for the spring semester.
“Coriolanus” – Zero Untitled is returning once more to Shake38, but this time we’re going digitally. Our version of Shakespeare’s political war tragedy will be a film, so not only will we be able to screen it in Kingsville, but you guys can even come out and be a part of the film as extras!

Stay tuned for more concrete dates of auditions and submission dates as well as Premature Punchline and Textual Overture shows.

Busy summer ahead

Just to catch everyone up: we have had a few meetings here and there to discuss our happenings for the summer and, as it turns out, we will begin with a Happening series!

What’s a Happening? It is an avant-garde theatrical performance / performance art medium that has a high level of improvisation (but not comedic). The idea is that the show will be performed differently every night.  We have our series already up and starting rehearsals soon.

Additionally, Premature Punchline will have some appearances in the Corpus comedy scene as well, so be on the lookout for that. In addition, we will be entering the Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Festival again, starting in July.

Also, our season is just about solidified so be on the lookout for that post.  Next up on the ZU calendar will be a Happening and a Textual Overture.


“The Rape of Lucrece” – St Louis and Texas

Here are a few pictures from our road trip to St Louis to participate in the Shake38 Festival on April 26! We performed at Soulard Station at 8:00 pm. Our only Texas performance is Tuesday, April 29th at 9 pm!

More photos on the page for The Rape of Lucrece.

ZU Store open

The ZU Store tab has been added for those looking to purchase play scripts and shirts that are Zero Untitled related.  Click here  or check the tab at the top of our homepage.


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