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Pollocks Process 01

Zero Untitled’s 90th production “Carnival Night” had its one-day run! The event which was held at Youga Yoga was a collection of short works both new and old. The night featured three events:

“Pollock’s Process” – a body art piece directed and conceived by Katherine Orozco. Her piece is a body painting exercise used to embody the fluidity of the creative process by having multiple artists paint one persons canvas.

“The Mindless Men” – a revisited piece last staged twice last year. This is a pseudo online and live piece. The actors (or Mindless Men) await commands that are given ala improvisationally. The audience livestreamed from YouTube and posted commands on Facebook.

MIMES! – As it often does, the Zero Untitled mimes ran around downtown Corpus Christi doing what mimes do – mock people.

Check out the main page for more information!

“Those Present at the Time of My Death” released

The latest and 89th Zero Untitled production, a video project for “Those Present at the Time of My Death” has been released. We are releasing this video on YouTube so you can watch here:

The Watchman – JOSE MEJIA


The Girl in Blue – ANDREA MARTINEZ



Written by KIM HARDIN


Camera Work – JAZMIN LYETA


Two projects lined up: “Those Present…” and “Carnivale Night”

Carnivale Night black

We have two projects lined up for release within just a few days of each other! First up, the film version of “Those Present at the Time of My Death”; this was originally a play we staged during “Causa Mortis” but the film version will be released in just a few days (if not today!).

After that, we will have our next Corpus performance – “Carnivale Night.” This will be a series of performance art pieces including:

– A body painting Happening called “Pollock’s Process” (directed by Katherine Orozco)
– An auxiliary performance by Beth Marie Cantu
– A revival of “The Mindless Men” (a livestream and Facebook improv-piece)
– and a handful of mimes!

“Carnivale Night” will be performed for FREE at Youga Yoga Space in Corpus Christi, TX on Friday night (May 15th) starting at 8:00 p.m.

Behind the scenes shot of the filming of “Those Present…”  Those PResent - BtS

“Ravenscroft” MUG shots

french Sun Mon

marcy Tue Wedgillian Th Friraven Sat Sundolly Mon TueHere are the promotional “mug shots” for “Ravenscroft” production. Photos by Jazmin Leyta, play written by Don Nigro.

Mrs. French – Hailey Russell
Marcy Kleiner – Katherine Orozco

Gillian – Andrea Martinez

Olivia Ravenscroft – Ryann Haese

Dolly – Elie Andrade



“Ravenscroft” performances and other events in May!

Ravens short logo

Zero Untitled has been selected as Youga Yoga Corpus Christi’s Featured Artist for the month of May! In addition to moving one of our “Ravenscroft” performances to Corpus Christi, we have planned 5 weeks (every Friday) worth of events:

Z e r o   U n t i t l e d

Featured Artist – May Events


May 1st – Don Nigro’s “Ravenscroft”*

Murder, madness, and women in lingerie! This dark comedy unravels the suspicious murder of the only man of the house. Who did it?      *produced through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


May 8th @ 8:00 p.m. – Premature Punchline

Improv Comedy troupe. Sketch, improv games, and interactive comedy


May 15th  @ 8:00 p.m. – Carnivale Night

Short performances of mime, firebreathing (possibly), music, and other acts


May 22nd  @ 8:00 p.m. – Textual Overture

Open mic poetry, short plays, and live music. Bring your instrument or writing for an evening of live performances.


May 29th –  @ 8:00 p.m. “Nightmare of Oz”

An immersive theatre experience spanning downtown Corpus Christi. Follow two detectives around “Emerald City” while they investigate the murder of Dorothy in this noir thriller. Mature audiences only.

Nightmare of Oz cast 2012

(Pictured: 2012’s “Nightmare of Oz” promo shot)

For more information, visit www.zerountitled.com and like “Zero Untitled Films/Productions” on Facebook!

RAVENSCROFT cast announcement

Ravens audi

Congratulations to the cast of RAVENSCROFT by Don Nigro!


Ruffing – Dylan Mendoza

Marcy – Katherine Lynn Orozco

Mrs. Ravenscroft – Beth Marie Cantu

Gillian – Andrea Martinez

Dolly – Elia Andrade

Mrs. French – Haley Russell


Understudies: Robert Trujillo (for Inspector Ruffing), Jazmin Leyta (for Marcy), and Ryann Haese (for Mrs. French)

*performance pending Samuel French


Textual #12

To - Ram TO beth TO open TO preshow prepping










Our twelfth Textual Overture production went over swimmingly last night in the last TO show at the current Café 5 location. Café 5 will be moving locations in late June.  Fear not, we will be there for their reopening and have another show as well! Here are some pics from the show:

To - Rorschach

(TOP to BOTTOM: Ramcharan performing “Story of a Mirror Girl”; Beth Cantu reading a poem; the group during preshow; and a view from outside of Café 5. LEFT: Rebekah Ramos, Julio Martinez, and Robert Trujillo (outside) in “Seeing is Misbelieving: The Rorschach Test.” 

Auditions for Don Nigro’s “Ravenscroft”!

We are looking for Leading Men types, eclectic female character types, and techies! See you on Thursday for auditions. Ravens audi

“There is No Hobby: A Defense of Theatre”

Creative Director Michael Verderber’s short essay “There is No Hobby: A Defense of Theatre” was published three months ago and was only recently discovered! The essay easily summarizes ZU’s mentality towards production and professionalism.

Read it here on “The Ghost Light” magazine’s website:

“Textual Overture” staged readings audition

Since there are always multiple projects lined up for Zero Untitled, there is no rest for the wicked – we have auditions for two short staged readings coming up.  “Textual Overture” is our poetry/live music/short play series that will be coming up on March 25th.  Two of the works presented will be given staged readings; both works have been done by ZU before, but we are starting to bring back a lot of the older works.

Michael Verderber will be directing staged readings (with minimal blocking) for two of his older plays – “Seeing is Misbelieving: The Rorschach Test” (previously staged in 2013) and “Excerpts From a Life Once Lived” (last staged in 2007).  The idea is to cast primarily newer actors, stage managers, etc and reinvent the wheel for the “Seeing…” script, and to celebrate the upcoming publication of “Excerpts From A Life Once Lived” (through Ealain Magazine) which should be released in the next few months.

Excerpts From a Life Once Lived” is the soon-to-be published drama about a virus that has wiped out 87% of the population.  Survivors tell their tales of perseverance and woe.
Seeing is Misbelieving: The Rorschach Test” is a comedic skit about students scamming a professor during his Rorschach test. We will collectively rewrite several portions of this play.

Although some precasting has already been done, the private auditions will be held on March 10th. Time and location will be announced shortly.

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